Getting Started With GuruQore: How To Create Your First Workshop Page?

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Workshop  pages allow you to create landing pages where you showcase details of your workshops/classes and get clients to register and pay through the same. This is a simple way to get pre-registrations done for your workshops or take advance registration fees for your recurring classes.

Let’s go through the steps of how to create a booking page using the GuruQore app.

Click on the (+) button & then select ‘Create Session’.

Toggle the ‘Booking page’ button on and type in the name of the session to get started.

Session Schedule: Select Recurring or Workshop depending on the recurrence (one time vs ongoing)  and specify the date(s) and time of your classes/workshops. 

Location: Select the format of delivery as either Online or Offline and mention the meeting link or physical address, depending on where the session will take place. Online meeting  links will only be visible to your clients once they pay & register.

Fees: There are two separate fee types that you can list on your booking page: number 1 is the monthly recurring fee or the fee per class and number 2, is the registration fee which is a one time/advance fee to join your class or workshop. This helps the clients to get an idea of your fee structure and also helps you as a coach get an advance payment upfront.

Session Description: This where you pen down the details of your workshop/class. You can format your texts- bold, underline, etc and make it appealing for your audience. You can also copy paste the details from an existing document as well.  Add an appealing cover image from your gallery which will get resized automatically through the app. 

Additional info: Enter the maximum number of clients you will take for the particular session. This acts as a ticker which will  show- how many seats are left in your session. 

There is a T&C section as well, where you can (we recommend you should) specify the session format, deliveries you are promising, payment policies, etc. You can keep this basic and simple to start with. You can get in touch with us if you want help in this regard. Your clients get to view this as your policy in the workshop  page, which they agree to before registering.

Share & promote: Once you have created your page, it’s time to promote! This will help your audience to know about your new and exciting session and then book it as per their convenience. You will find the link to your workshop pages on the session card in the Product and Service tab in the GuruQore App.

You can share this link directly via chatting apps and emails or use this link as the ‘link in bio’ for more reach and conversions. That’s all.

Now over to you, Guru!

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