Journey so far

Journey so far

We started GuruQore with the belief that Freelancers can change the way the world views professional service and value exchange.

Our first contribution to the Freelance community has been a payment management tool which helps them simplify their invoices and income tracking.

Currently, we are helping new age brands and startups leverage the power of our independent workforce and in turn bringing stability to the cash flow of freelancers.


The Team

Our Co-Founder, Abhimanyu Saha and the core team is from the media and advertising industry where they have spent 10+ years helping brands like Godrej, Diageo, MRF, Lenovo, Fortunefoods, Reliance and more leverage digital to solve business problems.

Now they are out to make sure they can create value for new age brands and freelancers by bridging the gap between both and help them leverage each other’s strengths.



Our aim is to bring in structure, stability and respect to this new way of working called freelancing. We plan to achieve this by inculcating a sense of community, upskilling and sharing knowledge within this new and evolving industry.