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3 Myths Around Invoice And Invoicing For Freelancers

3 Myths Around Invoice And Invoicing For Freelancers

If you decide to be a freelancer or coach, your first goal should be to appear professional from the get-go. Raising an invoice for the service you provide, no matter how big or small the fee may be, is huge for your professional image. However, there are a few common myths about invoicing that need to be addressed. Let’s bust them right here.

Myth 1: You cannot raise an invoice without a GST number

Fact: Of course, this is not true. Now we get it that you don’t want to be slapped with legal notices. But you can raise an invoice without a GST number provided your gross annual income is less than Rs. 20 lacs.

Myth 2: It’s complicated and time consuming

Fact: The best part about being a freelancer today is that the world has become freelancer friendly and is only becoming friendlier towards this industry with every passing day. Today, there are tools that are specifically designed to make invoicing a breeze for you, whilst also helping you come across as extremely professional. Now isn’t that a dream combination? Psst… Check out how Guquqore can help you raise an invoice for your services.

Myth 3: Invoices do not apply for small fees

Fact: Whether you are charging Rs. 100 or Rs 10000, there needs to be a record of you providing the service. An invoice is the best way of keeping this record, no matter how small the amount may be. Ultimately, it’s about adopting a professional approach when it comes to asking your client to pay you for the service you provided.

Invoices are a great way to add a professional touch to your independent service venture. Do not let misconceptions stop you from raising invoices for your clients. Happy invoicing!

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